What Can You Expect?

I will increase your leadership effectiveness!

This highly personalized process begins by identifying your best leadership practices and your areas for growth. Where you have been stuck, I will move you forward. Where you have blind spots, I will help you see. Where you have been frustrated, I will help you discover the root causes and help you find solutions. We will begin and end with robust coaching surveys in order to identify specific needs and measure progress.

During coaching sessions, we will determine your specific objectives and set your action steps for implementation. When necessary, I will provide you with resources that may help you further. In addition, I will be available to you anytime through email.

A variety of service packages are available to meet your needs and those of your team.

  • Individual Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Team Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Individual Mid-Level Managers/New Manager Coaching
  • Team Mid-Level Manager/New Manager Coaching
  • Group Presentations
  • Fixed Monthly Individual Coaching Retainer

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