Jodi has played a key role in the transformation of my career…

…at Crescent. Because of the work I have done with her, I have become a confident and empowered leader. I have transformed from being an individual who completes a task for you to just get it done to being an individual who teaches you how to get it completed. I became a leader that teaches other leaders how to be successful instead of constantly being the one who rescues them.
–Leanna Van Vleet, Site People Generalist, Crescent

Jodi has empowered me…

…to lead with the freedom to be who I am. Over the past 2 years I have received leadership coaching from Jodi and the value to my career has been phenomenal. During my coaching, she learned who I am professionally, what I value, my strengths and areas of growth. With this knowledge she individualized coaching focusing on my strengths to overcome difficulties and to challenge my growth as a leader. She taught me to embrace myself as a leader. As a manager, I have been able to utilize Jodi’s insights, suggestions, and homework to increase my team’s monthly performance and overall job satisfaction. Most importantly, Jodi has empowered me to embrace my strengths and areas of growth which has resulted in leading an agency recognized successful and productive team.
Krystle Frye, Case Management Supervisor, St. Joseph Orphanage/NewPath

Jodi has helped me see past the “baggage”…

…and “old ghosts” of my career so I can focus all of my energy on looking forward and moving ahead as a confident and strong female leader.
Julia Kelley, Post Closing Manager, Rapid Mortgage Company

I have been working with Jodi…

for several months and I couldn’t ask for a better mentor/coach. Jodi delivers an unique experience that I found applicable to my professional and personal life. Jodi is sincere and authentic with her approach and has a knack for challenging your leadership abilities, while polishing your skills at the same time. She definitely has added more tools to my leadership toolbox!
Tim McCoy, Superintendent, St. Joseph Orphanage/NewPath

Jodi has been instrumental…

…in my professional development. Through coaching with Jodi, I’ve been able to gain new perspectives and view my work through a new vantage point. Jodi is able to draw out your strengths as a leader and challenges you to push through your own discomfort- she won’t let you stand in your own way! My time with Jodi has not only contributed to my individual growth as a leader, but to the overall success of my team. Jodi has been, and continues to be, a tremendous resource for me!
Julie Herrmann, Clinical Director, St. Joseph Orphanage/NewPath

My experience with Jodi has been delightful!

During our time together she has helped me to see things from a leadership perspective and has helped me to challenge some old beliefs and bring in new ones. Also, Jodi is great at active listening and when listening to my ideas and thoughts, she would assist in organizing them and taking them to the next level. I am thankful for her wisdom and guidance during this time of transition in my career.
Esther Vasquez, Principal, St. Joseph Orphanage/NewPath

Having never had a professional coach before, I didn’t know quite what to expect.

Any apprehension I might have had disappeared the moment we began talking. Jodi allows me to have very honest and very real conversation all while keeping the focus on my working life and professional relationships. She helps me feel confident to have the hard conversations, she helps me see what the future could look like, and she gives me the tools to get there.

–Sara Bourgeois, Senior Project Manager, People Working Cooperatively

Jodi has helped me understand that professional coaching isn’t just self-help;

it also provides important benefits to those around us. Learning about my individual leadership style and my role within our group has improved our dynamic overall, and has helped us become more effective as team.

–Aaron Grant, Senior Volunteer Manager, People Working Coooeratively